3 Year Old Extended Day Preschool



  • September 2017 We started off the new year by adding a few new children to our class. Welcome! During the first two weeks of September we went over and introduced our classroom rules and routines. We talked about how God made each of us different and how we are all unique. We also talked about different ways we can be kind and what it means to be a good friend. This month, we were introduced to the letters A and B. During letter A week we celebrated with Apple Day. We measured how tall we are with apples and we even got to do an apple taste test. For letter B week we got to bring in our favorite stuffed bear and share it with the class. We are looking forward to what October has in store!
  • April The month of April was filled with a lot of fun experiences for the 3 year olds! The letters that we learned about this month were W, X and Y. During X Week we created x-rays of our hands using q-tips and we also created xylophones. The activities that we did for W were watercolor painting and creating watermelons out of construction paper. To assist us learning about the letter Y, we created yellow playdough and painted with yarn. The numbers that we learned about this month were 22, 23 and 24. Our class enjoyed discussing and learning about worms, the weather change and our environment. We’ve also been practicing writing our names on our white boards.
  • March During the month of March we learned about letters S, T, U and V. WE learned what sounds they made and words that start with those letters. We also learned numbers 18, 19, 20 & 21. During the month of March we participated in another Switch Day all about Spring! During Switch Day we even got to grow our own grass heads. For letter Vv week we had so much fun learning new words. We talked about volcanoes and even made our own! Don’t forget about our Spring Program on April 24th at 6:30 p.m. Also, if you would like to sign up for parent-teacher conferences, the sign-up sheet is located outside of our classroom. Thank you!
  • February This month we talked about the letters P, Q, R and S. We worked on identifying and writing those letters along with the sounds they make. We really enjoyed “P” week by make personal pizzas, pancakes and a pajama party! One of our favorite highlights of the month was celebrating our friendships with a Valentine’s Party and learning even more about God’s love for all of us. Next month we will continue working to identify more letters, fine motor skills and name recognition.
  • January This month we talked a lot about winter! We did a lot of fun science experiments, like exploring different ways to melt ice, painting with ice and even making our own snow! We worked on letters M, N, O and P this month. We incorporated those letters with other activities like an M&M experiment, making pancakes in our pajamas and making personal pizzas! Next month we look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with a class party!
  • December During the month of December, we learned about letters I, J, K and L. We discussed the sounds they make and what they look like. We had so much fun learning about Christmas and it’s true meaning. We made lots of fun crafts and even had a special visit with Mrs. Claus! Have a happy holiday!
  • November During the month of November, we had fun learning about the letters F, G & H- how to write them and the sounds they make. We enjoyed talking about all the things we are thankful for and spending time with our friends and families at our feast. Our favorite November activity was the Fall themed switch day with the ‘pumpkin patch’, hayride and other fun learning activities!
  • October October is such an exciting time to spend with 3 year old children with so much to learn. This month we worked on letters C, D and E, along with numbers 2, 3 and 4. WE have also talked a lot about Fall. We have spent time discussing pumpkins, leave and the changing weather. We enjoyed dressing up in our costumes and visit with the Good Witch. Next month we look forward to learning about letters F, G and H. We will also talk more about Fall, Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful.
  • September During the month of September our class has spent time learning about the letters A and B. We practiced writing them, the sound they make and recognizing them. We also talked a lot about apples. We enjoyed taste-testing different kinds of apples and even made our own applesauce. We have also worked on following directions, building relationships and using self-help skills. Next month we will introduce letters C, D and E. We will continue to work on our self-help skills.