3 Year Old Half-Day Preschool



  • September 2017 The month of September has been very exciting and full of adventure for our 3-year-old class! We started the month getting to know each other and making new friends. We then learned all about apples, shapes and started our letters of the week. We have also been practicing using scissors, glue and paint. We are looking forward to Fall and all that comes with it. We will be learning about fall, pumpkins, leaves and so much more!
  • January We are off to a great start to the new year! We are learning about letter N. We are looking forward to Miss Lindsey’s “SWELC Switch Day” this month. On Switch Days, we rotate through all the classrooms to do an activity based on a theme. This month’s theme is “Winter Wonderland”.
  • December This month was full of holiday fun! We are going to miss your little ones during our holiday break. We look forward to jumping back into our fun learning activities in the new year! This month we worked on letters J through L. Please continue working with your children on letters during break. For example, practice counting how many steps from the kitchen to the living room or singing the ABCs. We appreciate all you do!
  • November In November, we had so much fun learning about letters F through I. Miss Lauren & Miss Kate are so excited to see the children continue to get better at connecting each letter to its sound and coming up with new words to add to our list each week! We really enjoyed learning about gratitude and what it means to be grateful. We are so thankful that so many of our families could join us for our Thanksgiving Feast! We are looking forward to switching gears and focusing on the Christmas season as December approaches. We have begun working on our family Christmas presents and the kids are so excited.
  • October October was full of fun! From Open House to Halloween and everything in between- so much learning and so many memories were made! We are looking forward to an equally successful amount of growing, learning and fun in November as we begin learning about Thanksgiving and being thankful! We will continue learning our alphabet and hitting all the standards that are so important during your little one’s early years. Thank you for choosing Shawnee Weekday and for allowing us to teach, get to know and love your babies!