3’s Transitional Preschool



  • April Another month is over. Just like spring, the 3 year olds​ are blooming and growing every day! They are learning numbers, shapes, colors, printed name recognition, and best of all... how to get along with each other. They have come so far in the few months that they have been together. They are much better at sharing and caring about each other's feelings. We planted marigolds for Mother's Day, and they are so excited watching them grow. They all seem eager to learn and are showing much progress. They are all really great kids, and I am excited to see them grow even more in the months to come.
  • March Another month has gone already! The 3-year old children are enjoying spending their time together as a class. They are practicing their colors, numbers and shapes. They enjoy doing scavenger hunts to find things in the room that are matching colors or shapes. They also like to count and sort Froot Loops cereal by colors and then eat it! We are learning how to treat each other with kindness and respect, which includes taking turns and sharing. The children are adjusting well. I am looking forward to watching our little ones grow and learn this Spring.