5 Year Old Extended Day Preschool



  • September 2017 For this month we discussed nursery rhymes, rhyming words, non-sense words, apples, and the letters Aa and Bb. We have had a great start to this year and have been working on writing our names daily and letter recognition. Please remember to work with your child at home and check mailboxes every day. We sent home extra review sheets for you and your child. We are excited for next month as we will begin to discuss Fall, leave, pumpkins and more! Thank you for all of your support!
  • February We had fun in February learning about dental care, healthy habits and the Presidents. We started working on spelling our last names and lacing cards, we will start learning how to tie our shoes. Please work with your child on tying shows and practice spelling and writing their first and last names at home. We are working hard to master this skill before Kindergarten. In March, we will begin learning about Spring by talking about weather, clouds, plants and how they grow.
  • January This month we have discussed a lot of different topics. We have learned about how snow is formed, different artic animals and about hibernation, migration & adaptation. We also learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and equal rights for all. We discussed how we are all different but alike in so many ways. We watched and discussed the inauguration of Donald Trump and learned about the White House. Continue to talk with your child and ask what we are learning each day.
  • December This month we loved celebrating holidays! We discussed our families, friends, giving and sharing. We talked about how we celebrate the holidays and what traditions our families have. What a great way to learn to appreciate differences and other cultures. Happy holidays to each of our families!
  • November This month we discussed Native Americans, Pilgrims and turkeys. We talked about being thankful and what that means for each individual child. Thank you for completing this month’s feather take home project. We love seeing our children’s creative sides! Let them cut it out so they can practice their fine motor skills. We enjoyed our feast- thank you to all who participated in such a fun, tasty event!
  • October This month was so fun! We discussed Fall and Harvest. We learned about letters C, D, E and F and numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. We took many walks to observe the leaves changing and discussed how and why they change. We discussed harvest, pumpkins and did lots of fun science experiments. Thank you for decorating your leaf take home project. We had a lot of fun at our Halloween Party. Thank you to the parents who brought in goodies!
  • September This month we learned about rhyming words and learned the same nursery rhymes. We discussed “All about me,” the children loved sharing their posters and discussing how wonderful their families are to their peers. We learned how we are all different but yet alike in some ways. We are all special and loved!  We started discussing the letter Aa and Bb learning about the sound’s and how to write our letters. We all still need to continuing practicing letters at home. Parents please take the time to practice writing skills at home including names.