Older Infants



  • April During the month of April, we talked a lot about Spring and flowers. The class also explored Easter and the fun things that go with it. We explored Easter eggs and Easter grass in a sensory bin. We went outside and found dandelion fuzz and learned how to blow it! The whole class thought that was a fun idea! Next month we will learn more about Spring, including colors. We will also work on naming our body parts. We will also practice staying in our seats at the table during lunch.
  • February During the month of February, we learned about the shape of hearts. We made many different things into hearts for various projects. WE also worked on recognizing the colors purple, pink and red, too! We named different colors and pointed them out. In March, we will work on learning the color green and learn about animals. Spring is approaching and we will talk about the animals outside and the sounds they make.
  • January This month we worked on activities to help our pincer grasp. We have been trying to use spoons at meals- which sometimes can make a mess, but we are trying hard! We also got new threading toys that will help us with our pincer grasp and fine motor skills. We have also been practicing using our manners. Most of the babies have learned to say or sign “please” and “thank you”. Next month we will begin to work on sleeping on our cots! We will be talking about hearts and the colors pink and red.  
  • December During the month of December, we talked a lot about Christmas and baby Jesus being born. We worked on fine motor skills by gluing paper on various projects that are hung in the hallway. The teachers have added a large motor climbing area to the classroom to help reduce climbing in less-safe areas and to help with gross motor development. We have been working on improving out balance and walking skills with this new play structure. In January, we will begin to work on counting, saying color names, building with blocks and exploring new sensory items.
  • November In November, we talked about all things Fall. The children enjoyed making pumpkins and fall leaves. They really like making the hand turkeys for Thanksgiving. We used the glue sticks to glue it all together. The children all enjoyed reading Thanksgiving books with us. In December, you can look for us to start decorating for Christmas and talking about the holiday. We will be making Christmas crafts and have a Christmas party. We will start to work on shapes and matching colors this month, too!