Younger Infants



  • April April was another fun month in the non-mobile infant room! We had lots of Easter celebrations! We started the month with April Fool’s Day and jokes! Easter followed, and we added lots of plastic eggs to the classroom, along with singing Easter songs. Then we turned to learning about Spring weather- rainy but warm, and sometimes sunny and hot! May is going to start with the continuation of discussing the sun and its role in Spring. We have lots of books to look at and we plan on lots of buggy rides to get outside and learn about the sun. The last part of May is going to be all about the ocean and ocean animals! We’re going to add a new water-filled sensory mat to our room to better explore, too! What a fun month!
  • February The past month in the non-mobile room we have been focusing on Valentine’s Day and all types of love. One week focused on friendship and one was all about our parents and what we do together. We also talked about our brothers and sisters. We spent some time creating art work- a gift for our parents and a friendship garden (using a no-mess painting technique!). March is all about St. Patrick’s Day and the color green! We’ll also be talking about the rainy weather and all of the leafy, green things it brings! The beginning of Spring is upon us!
  • January For the month of January we talked about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We discussed that different cultures and how they celebrate the coming of the new year. WE also talked about new things like food, weather, sounds, sights, colors and shapes. In February, we are going to talk about Valentine’s Day and the people we love, like our parents, siblings and friends. We will focus on what it means to be a good friend.
  • December We have been talking all about Christmas and what the holiday season brings. First of all- we saw snow! We talked about wearing warm clothes- hats, gloves, scarves, etc. WE also talked about wrapping up in blankets and staying warm with the snowy weather! We also enjoyed the holiday decorations and lots of Christmas music. Next month we will be talking about the “new year”, different cultures and families and other things that are new to us! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the staff!
  • November This past month we have been exploring Autumn more. We read and looked at books that were about Autumn (change of nature), we brought in different sizes of apples for the babies to look at and feel (noticing the difference between hard and soft). We also looked at pictures of Thanksgiving, turkeys, families gathered together, leaves of many colors and colder outside weather. During December we will be exploring snowmen and the cold weather outside by focusing on the feeling of being cold, wearing warm clothes, etc.
  • October This month we have learned all about Fall. We’ve studied how the weather is changing to colder temperatures, how the leaves are changing color and even the different textures we find in the Fall. We’ve taken many buggy rides so we can feel the changing weather and see all the colors. We have even looked at books that show how the world changes with fall and is like what we have seen outside. We wrapped up this month with Halloween. We had fun dressing up in costumes. Next month we will continue to learn about Fall, with a special focus on fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the Fall.
  • September This month came with a big change- Miss Kelsie become our new lead teacher! We have been looking at a lot of shapes and colors- including the shape of the month, circles, and the color of the month, red. Different colors and shapes are everywhere, inside and outside of the classroom. We have had lots of tummy time, exploring and buggy rides.