Early Head Start Toddlers



  • April This month we enjoyed creating many cute Easter-themed projects, including bunnies, chicks and eggs! We had so much fun at our Easter party! WE had a lot of great (sugary!) snacks and juice- yum! We learned about Spring animals and their habitats. We were also very excited to have a police officer come visit our class! He taught us how to be safe and we got our own badges and a tattoo! We are looking forward to a fun May!  
  • March We made a lot of St. Patrick’s Day art for the first 2 weeks of March. We made shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns, and a pot of gold. We even did a science experiment using skittles making them into a beautiful rainbow. The kids enjoyed it but honestly, I think they even had more fun eating the skittles. We had a St. Patrick’s Day party we had a couple of parents come for our party. It was a lot of fun! The parents did a great job bringing in lots of goodies. Thanks parents! We also had some great firefighters come in and talk to the kids about fire safety. The kids loved seeing the lights on the firetruck.
  • February  This month we have been doing several activities to enhance our fine-motor skills. We have been doing grasping activities, such as holding a pencil or crayon the correct way and cutting with child safe scissors. We have been doing a great job with learning and saying our friend’s names when they want to interact with each other. We also have been learning to recognize our names. We did a good learning activity where each child got to pick their seat at the lunch table and put their name tag on the table. When we said, “find your name tag” the children would get so excited and say their name when they found their spot! We can’t wait to see what March has in store!
  • January This month we learned about polar bears, hibernation and transportation. We practiced saying the word “hibernation” and learned what animals hibernate. The children were so excited that they could act like bears for a day and hibernate in a “cave”. One of our children said, “I wish I was a bear!” I asked the children what was their favorite part of being a bear and they all responded with “the cave” and our favorite story, Going on a Bear Hunt! For transportation week, we talked about how police, firefighters and ambulances help to keep us safe and when we are sick or hurt. We talked about what to do when there is a fire and how firefighters put out the fire. Our Valentine’s Party will be February 14th at 2:30 p.m. Please be sure to sign up to bring an item on the sign-up list near the sign-in/sign-out book. Please make a box and bring in Valentine’s cards to share with the class if you wish. We have 8 children in our class.
  • December This month on Bible Time we focused on the story of Jesus’ birth. We sang “My God is Powerful”, “No One Like You” and “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”. Our color this month was green! Thank you all for participating in our Christmas party!
  • November This month’s colors are brown and black so we will be spending time learning with those colors. We really enjoy Bible Time on Friday mornings at 10:00. Our monthly scripture is Psalm 136:1, “give thanks to the Lord, for He is good”. We enjoyed having a lot of our families come for a Thanksgiving lunch. We are thankful for all our families! Gobble, gobble, gobble!
  • October This month we celebrated Halloween! We enjoyed dressing up in costumes for our party. Thank you to our families who supplied yummy treats! We also explored Fall ideas and pumpkins this month. We have several friends working on potty-training, too. Keep up the good work!
  • September At the beginning of the month we worked on colors. We mixed colors together to make other colors, blue and yellow make green, red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange. We also are working on shape recognition. We have made crafts using certain shapes. We also started a weather unit. We discussed how rain comes from clouds and how the sun helps keep us warm. We will continue to enforce color and shape recognition while introducing letters and numbers. As a class we also discuss ways to be a good friend to others to encourage sharing and taking turns. Next month, we will be doing a lot of fall and harvest themed activities. We will have our fall party on October 27.