Tiny Toddlers



  • February This is our last month as a Tiny Tot room. We have made a lot of changes, we will be joining the other young toddlers down the hall while our space is used for a transitional 3-year-old classroom. The children have been transitioning to their new classes a few hours a day. They have been learning about police and firefighters. The children are getting much better at recognizing their colors. All of them love playing with the magnet builders. They share and love helping each other knock their creations down and then starting over! We are all looking forward to a great March!
  • January This month we worked on our colors and shapes. We also concentrated on learning to be kind to our friends. Everyone is enjoying our new toys that our center earned with funds from our Step Up To Quality accreditation. The magnets and baby dolls are both big hits! We are looking forward to learning about community helpers, transportation and dental health next month. We are going to be painting, coloring and talking about them.
  • December December was a fun month for the Tiny Toddlers. We really enjoyed celebrating Christmas. We made Christmas and Winter themed crafts. We made ornaments and cards for our families. Everyone has been doing a great job using their ‘listening ears’. We are continuing to practice using our words and being kind to others. We have such a great group of kids! We are looking forward to the new year!
  • November This month the Tiny Toddlers learned about Thanksgiving. We made pilgrims, turkeys and ships. We talked about how thankful we are for our good friends and our families. We practiced using “please” and “thank you”. What a great month!
  • October October has come and gone. The Tiny Toddlers have been getting to know their teacher, Miss Cyndi and she has loved getting to know them! We are talking daily about using our words and communication is beginning to open up more and more. Each day we talk about the weather and how it is getting colder out. The children re learning to treat their friends with kindness and to take turns with their toys.
  • September At the beginning of the month we worked on colors. We mixed colors together to make other colors, blue and yellow make green, red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange. We also are working on shape recognition. We have made crafts using certain shapes. We also started a weather unit. We discussed how rain comes from clouds and how the sun helps keep us warm. We will continue to enforce color and shape recognition while introducing letters and numbers. As a class we also discuss ways to be a good friend to others to encourage sharing and taking turns. Next month, we will be doing a lot of fall and harvest themed activities. We will have our fall party on October 27.