• April This month has been full of fun surprises for the children.  We started off with some baby caterpillars and watched their transformation.  The kids observed the changes in the size of the caterpillars and watched daily once they made their chrysalis.  Once the caterpillars were in their chrysalis we watched for changes.  The butterflies emerged, luckily while we were at school and the children were very excited.  We ended up with all ten of our caterpillars surviving the transformation.  After a week, we released the butterflies.  We explained to the children that the chrysalis was like a big blanket for the caterpillars to sleep in.     We also planted two beans, one was placed in the closet and one in the window.  We watched and observed what happens when plants don't receive water and sunlight.     We ended this month, with the addition of tadpoles to our classroom, we will now watch and observe their life cycle.  Every morning the kids like to come in and check on the tadpoles, right now they are still pretty small.
  • March This month we have been busy working on recognizing our names and the names of our friends. We are also continuing to practice our colors and shapes. This month we planted flowers- the kids loved playing in the dirt! They loved it so much that we continued the idea indoors with a sensory bin full of dirt, shovels and buckets. We are also doing an experiment with beans and what they need to grow. Bean A is in the window and Bean B is in the closet. The children have been talking about which bean they think will grow better. We will continue to observe what happens! Happy Spring!
  • February This month we have been hard at work recognizing our names. We have also been doing a lot of activities to strengthen our fine motor skills, such as cutting, holding pencils, pens, markers and crayons. The children have enjoyed playing in the sensory tub, one time they gave our plastic bugs in a bubble bath, another time they poured water into other containers. We continued working on our colors and shape recognition, as well as our counting.
  • January This month we have been doing a lot work on developing our fine motor skills. WE have been practicing our cutting skills. We can cut play-doh and are working on cutting paper. We have also been experimenting using glue sticks by ourselves. We also enjoy counting to ten and counting backwards from ten. In the upcoming month, we will continue developing our fine motor strength, recognizing our colors and shapes. We will also be doing activities on friendship and how to be a good friend. We will have a Valentine’s Party on February 14th.
  • December December was a busy fun-filled month. We spent the month talking about holidays and making decorations for the classroom. We have been busy working on our color and shape recognition. We have also been introducing name identification. The kids can find their names on the wall and also identify some of the friend’s names. Our class has enjoyed reading, “The Napping House”. If you ask them, they can tell you the story. We had our Christmas party last week and the kids had a great time! Thank you to everyone who contributed. We look forward to a new year and continuing working with your children.
  • November This month we have talked a lot about things we are thankful for, how to be nice friends and how we can help others. Throughout the month we have made many turkey crafts. WE had our own Thanksgiving feast as a class. The children had fun and enjoyed it. We are in full swing preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Look for a post outside of our classroom to sign up for items for our holiday party.
  • October We have been doing a lot of Fall activities. We talked about the changing leaves and changing weather. We talked about harvesting pumpkins and corn. We also discussed scarecrows and how they are used to ‘scare’ birds from eating crops. We are continuing working on our color and shape recognition. We are also developing our fine motor skills by using scissors, crayons and putting puzzles together. We would like to thank our families for bringing in treats to our party! Next month we will continue with our basic skills and sharing the things we are thankful for.
  • September At the beginning of the month we worked on colors. We mixed colors together to make other colors, blue and yellow make green, red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange. We also are working on shape recognition. We have made crafts using certain shapes. We also started a weather unit. We discussed how rain comes from clouds and how the sun helps keep us warm. We will continue to enforce color and shape recognition while introducing letters and numbers. As a class we also discuss ways to be a good friend to others to encourage sharing and taking turns. Next month, we will be doing a lot of fall and harvest themed activities. We will have our fall party on October 27.