Enrollment Open for Fall 2018-2019 Program Year

Registration for 2018-2019 classes are now open! Registration materials are available below. Please note, your registration form and non-refundable $40 registration/supply fee must be received in our office to guarantee your child’s enrollment.

Our extended day preschool programming includes the same curriculum as our part-time preschool program. If you would like to schedule a tour of our Preschool building, please call Administrative Director Cheryl Crites at 419-991-4806 ext. 102 or for our Infant/Toddler Building, please call Site Administrator Mitch Marshall at 419-221-0094. Enrollment forms and a non-refundable registration/supply fee of $40 can be mailed or dropped off in the Shawnee Weekday Early Learning Center office. Completed enrollment forms will be marked in the order they are received and class assignments will be made accordingly. Enrollment forms can be picked up from the office or you can download and fill out printable forms below.

  1. Half Day Preschool
  2. Day Care
  3. Latchkey
  4. Infant
  5. Toddler

A Statement of Policy Form must be signed by all families once enrollment is confirmed. All forms, with the exception of the Medical Form, must be received before the child can begin daycare or preschool. The Medical Form must be received within 30 days of the child’s first day of attendance.

Medication Information

Shawnee Weekday Early Learning Center honors requests to administer medication-prescription and nonprescription, topical ointments, food supplements, or to modify a diet once a request to administer medication form has been signed. A licensed physician, a licensed dentist, or an advanced nurse practitioner must fill out our form when:

  1. A physician’s instruction is needed for a nonprescription medication (e.g. child is underage or underweight per the label instructions); or
  2. It is a sample medication without a prescription label; or
  3. The nonprescription medication is to be given more than three consecutive days within a fourteen day period or is a topical product or lotion that is being used for a skin ailment and is to be applied longer than fourteen consecutive days; or
  4. The medication contains codeine or aspirin.

Click here to access our Request for Administration of Medication